Berjaya Plastik menerima pemesanan grosir ukuran sesuai kebutuhan dalam jumlah besar untuk pasar lokal maupun eksport (eksport minimal container 20 feets)

  • Untuk melindungi karton dan barang produksi agar tidak terkena air atau bersinggungan dengan benda tajam
  • Untuk merapikan tumpukan barang atau karton diatas palet
  • Produktivitas kerja lebih efektif dan efisien 
  • Penghematan biaya  karena produk dilindungi dengan baik oleh Stretch Film.

Cocok untuk ekspedisi, produsen mebel, aluminium, stainless, dan sebagian besar manufacture / pabrik

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Receive any order for grocery in huge amount for locally or Export  market( Export MOQ is 20 feets container)Used in factories and warehouses to wrap stacks of boxes which allows them to stand upright and prevent them from falling when being moved from one place to another. In addition, the stretch film also protect the goods to stay hygienic.
Customised:Thickness : between 17 micron to 40 micronWidth : 45 cm and 50 cmLength : min. of 180 m 


  • Wrap pallet loads to ensure safe and secure delivery
  • Self-adhering-each layer of film bonds to the next for added strength
  • Protects shipments from water, dirt, and damage caused by excess movement
  • Labor productivity
  • Low supply cost
  • Excellent product protection
  • Visible performance (can see it work)
  • Versatility of sizes - load types
  • Unequaled load holding force
  • Will not damage or adhere to product
  • Can reduce cost of secondary packaging
  • Compliments automated handling systems
  • Improved warehouse and inventory control
  • Reduced freight costs
  • Keeps products clean
  • Greater puncture resistance

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